Concrete splitting machine is a kind of machine used for materials, which is mostly used in construction, decoration, engineering construction, and ore mining.

1. With this equipment, there is no flying rocks, smoke, dust and noise, no vibration, and the construction can be maintained well.

2. Excavating subways and platform tunnels under urban buildings can protect ground buildings.

3. In the construction of highways and railways, trenching can be carried out by the roadside. Without affecting the normal passage of vehicles,

4. In the demolition of reinforced concrete buildings, there is no flying sand, no vibration and noise, and the construction can be kept quiet.

5. The foundation and walls can be demolished in workshops and buildings without affecting the building,

6. Remove pile heads during bridge construction, and remove waste bridge piles underwater,

7. During national defense construction, dig large bunkers such as underground oil depots, subsea oil depots, and hangars. Because there is no vibration sound.

The user-friendly use and durable structure design of the Yugongaxe hydraulic press ensure that it is simple to use and easy to learn, requiring only one person to operate; it is convenient and has a long service life; the consignment of the machine and power station is also very convenient for foundation excavation and rock mining in the engineering field , Widely used in urban construction. Suitable for silent mining of various rocks, such as granite, volcanic rock, quartzite, basalt, quartzite, siliceous schist, sandstone, limestone, marble, dolomite, pyrite, etc.